Best taxi, 24h per day, in every part of town 100% meets all needs of its customers. It is a taxi that has managed to make a significant improvement in the quality of service becoming a specific sign of different and better taxi services. For the past six months, the Best Taxi has managed to drive from and to the airport daily from 90 to 150 runs with a constant growth trend, increase the number of calls for daily driving by 200% and for a night drive of 300%, increase the number of realized rides to a call for 60 %, Increases the number of new members by 250%.


Price per kilometer Minimum travel cost Waiting per hour Opening hours - from
0.60 € / km 1 € 0.15 € / min od 00:00 do 24:00

For extra-urban driving, based on the study of the needs of our clients primarily for the purpose of maximizing the comfort and cost-effectiveness of the client's transfer. Call us! We are always at your disposal.

Driving Price Calculator

This option helps you calculate the approximate driving cost. Enter the address from which you are going and the destination, and based on the length of the route you travel, an amount that is approximate to the price of your drive will appear. The price may vary in case of driving duration (crowds, congestion ...), as well as the tariff for which it is being driven. Tariff 1 is every working day and Saturday from 6 to 22 hours. Tariff 2 is from 22 to 6, Sunday and holiday, and tariff 3 is only for driving outside of the city.