BEST TAXI is a Podgorica taxi brand, which for years has the character and reputation of a significant local taxi service. Our taxis network covers the whole of Podgorica, and with its modern look BEST TAXI vehicles are easily recognizable on the streets of the capital. The focus of BEST TAXI on tourist arrangements, cooperation with hotels and tourist organizations has made most of our engagement focused on quality outdoor travel. Cooperation with corporate systems implied that in every segment of our business we achieve high standards. Our drivers are friendly, clean, air conditioned and car-parked, and the staff in the call center and administration is always ready to pay attention to the client and meet. Our management is very creative and open to cooperation. Thanks to this, we have achieved and enabled the expansion of the field of its activities.


Our vision is that BEST TAXI to be the first choice of every client and company that needs a taxi service, that BEST TAXI and phone number 19505 are the first association for anyone who thinks about a taxi. Our mission is to provide every customer with a service at the highest level and contribute to the creation of a more positive image, both for taxi services and taxi drivers themselves. It is our desire to create a network that will allow, when calling from any part of the city, to wait for the vehicle to be minimal, and to ensure that each client moves safely and comfortably to their destination. All the newspapers we are introducing are aimed at realizing the benefits, primarily for the customers, and then for the taxi drivers themselves. In that sense, we want to be leaders.


Mercedes S class 2010 - VIP (extra charge 30eur)

The BEST TAXI VIP offer includes the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which belongs to the highest class big-box cars. With this model, Mercedes is trying to offer customers the highest level of comfort. At present, the S-Class is the most technologically advanced car in the world and only BMW with the 7 series is able to keep track of it. What makes the S class special is the safety system that anticipates the inevitable crash (Pre-safe) and puts the car at the lowest risk for passenger injuries.

Mercedes S class 2016 - VIP (extra charge 50eur)

At present the most desirable Mercedes model is the S 350 d 4 matic long, which is also the best-selling model of the Mercedes S class. There is simply nothing to say about the design, absolute perfection in the visual and aerodynamic sense. The very fact that such a large sedan has a simply sensational air resistance (0.24) enough to say how many Mercedes experts spent time behind cartoon boards and aerodynamic tunnels. Entering the car is again a special story ..

BMW 730 2010 - VIP (extra charge 30eur)

The VIP BEST TAXI offer includes the BMW 7 Series. It is a premium luxury sedan produced by a German carmaker. He is the successor of the BMW E3 sedan and is currently in its sixth generation. 7 The BMW Series is a leading car and is available on the market only as a sedan or a limo of an extended length. 

Mercedes Viano 2014 - VIP (extra charge 30eur)

The VIP BEST TAXI offers a lightweight Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Viano is a multi-purpose vehicle. It is available as a passenger van, with accommodation of passengers and luggage and with the possibility of forming a complete cargo space. 

Combi Mercedes V Class 2016 - VIP (extra charge 50eur)

Elegance, style, comfort and spaciousness are characterized by V-Class BEST TAXI VIP offers. Thanks to its innovative safety systems and spaciousness, the V-Class is also the perfect family car. A powerful engine and flexible seating concept make it the perfect vehicle for all adventurers.

Mercedes E Class 2013

The leader of the Best Taxi fleet is the E class that you could call the mother of all Mercedes. These decades symbolize Mercedes, that is, all cars with a star on the hood. Of course, such a status on the world market is not historically deserved by chance. Quality, longevity and image are the basic features of this model in the tradition of 60 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question can not be found here, send us an email to office@besttaxi.com, and we will reply as soon as possible.



If you want to work as a taxi driver with your vehicle and in cooperation with a modern dispatch center, we offer you:

• Permanent trade relationship
• Work in a pleasant environment and a healthy environment
• Full insurance of drivers, passengers and vehicles
• Guaranteed amount of earnings and the ability to receive additional bonuses.
• A regular payment that may be more than 30% of the turnover you make.
• Full service and technical support is provided
• Fuel at beneficial prices

We expect you to have:

• Drivers experience B category for at least 3 years
• Medical certificate for taxi driver (before commencing engagement)
• Excellent knowledge of the city of Podgorica and its surroundings
• To have a high level of culture in dealing and personal behavior
• To be communicative, resourceful, accurate, systematic, serious and responsible.
• Passat (7-8) or E-Class Meredes brand vehicles (2008-2017)
If you believe that you meet these conditions, you can send your CV with a photograph to office@besttaxi.rs or personally to the address on July 4th, Podgorica, on working days from 08-16 hrs....