The best taxi in addition to the transport of passengers to our vehicles, also carries a group of passengers by van to the airport in the region (BIH, Croatia, Belgrade, Albania, Macedonia) and transport to major airports in Austria, Hungary and other countries ... Of course, the transport of passengers to and from the airport in Podgorica and Tivat are understood.
The arrival of passengers traveling from the airport to any desired destination is the job of our driver, who will be at the airport before landing the aircraft, wait for you if there are unforeseen delays, take your luggage and place it safely in a van. After that it will also help you to comfortably seat in your seat and translate you quickly and safely to your destination.
The transport of passengers from the airport can be arranged in advance, the landing time of the airplane, the place of arrival of the passenger, and the address to which the passenger should be translated. Another possibility is that the address, i.e. The destination is subsequently determined according to the needs of the passengers. In this case, the transport cost is calculated at the place of arrival of the passenger in relation to the desired address to which the passenger should translate.
As an option, it is possible to arrange transportation of passengers from incoming to other airports as desired. If a traveler wants to continue the journey from an airport that is far from incoming, it is enough to call us and provide the best and most favorable service of a van transfer from the airport to the airport.
In case of need for additional information (availability, price and time required for transportation), please use contact information from the Contact page.